spring guns

Spring pistols

Spring pistols are very popular for their low cost compared to the others, this type of replicas are usually the first replicas of many of the players. So these are of great importance for airsoft players and are a part of this fun sport that is airsoft

Spring pistols are a type of compressed air weapon that bases its operation on a spring, which gives rise to the release of gas that pushes the pellets out of the device. These pistols are usually single shot, that is, we must load them manually with each shot. In addition, the spring causes a small vibration that alters the accuracy of the shot. Spring pistols are mostly used for sport shooting
Spring guns have several advantages. Some of them are that they do not need CO2 or any other consumable to work (they are loaded manually), they can have much more power than a CO2 pistol and they are usually lead ammunition and similar (they can be used with different types of pellets). In addition, they usually have a rifled steel barrel. Spring pistols are easy to maintain and repair and can last a lifetime if properly cared for while maintaining power and accuracy. If the spring loses properties, it is also very easy to replace

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