Optics & Sights

The airsoft optics

are accessories that are attached to the replicas to improve the vision and aim of the players. These are important because:

They allow you to increase the possibilities of long-distance shooting, bringing the target closer and providing clarity and precision.
They facilitate rapid target acquisition, especially in low light conditions or with obstacles on the playing field.
They provide realism and aesthetics to the replicas, imitating the optics used by the armed and security forces in reality.
There are several types of airsoft optics, each with its own characteristics and benefits. Here are some of the most common:

-Binoculars: are optical instruments that allow you to see distant objects with greater size and detail. They are used to observe the terrain and locate enemies or allies.
-Sights: they are the most basic optics available for airsoft. These optics mount directly to the replica weapon and offer simple alignment between the front sight and the target.
-Night vision: these are devices that allow you to see in the dark, amplifying ambient light or emitting infrared light. They are used for night operations or in places with little lighting.
-Sights: they are optics that are attached to the upper part of the replica and offer an enlarged image of the target. They can be fixed or variable, depending on the degree of increase they have.
-Red dots: are optics that project a red or green dot onto the target, facilitating aiming and tracking the target. They have no magnification and are used for fast, dynamic shooting.
-Others: there are other types of optics for airsoft, such as holographic sights, laser sights, thermal sights, etc. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of game and the player's preferences.

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