Military clothing & equipment

Everything you need to equip yourself

To practice airsoft, it is important to use appropriate military equipment, as it offers several advantages:

-Increases the realism and immersion in the game, recreating the conditions and scenarios of real military or police operations.
- Protects the player from the impact of the balls and possible injuries or scratches that he may suffer on the pitch, such as cuts, burns or sprains.
-Improves player performance and comfort, facilitating transport and access to their weapons, ammunition and accessories, as well as regulating body temperature and hydration.
-Favors the identification and cohesion of the team, allowing to distinguish allies from enemies and fostering group spirit and discipline.

In our stock we have several elements of military equipment such as: clothing, footwear, vests, helmets, glasses, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, masks, covers, bags, backpacks, patches, etc. Each player can choose the equipment that best suits their preferences, needs and budget, taking into account the type of game, the terrain and the weather conditions. Military equipment for airsoft is a key factor to fully enjoy this exciting activity and airsoftestartit is here to help you.