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The electric airsoft pistols , also known as AEP (Airsoft Electric Pistol), are one of the most versatile pistols that we can find and require little maintenance, making them ideal for beginners.

This type of pistol have certain advantages over spring, gas or Co2 pistols . The AEP will have a more stable power than Gas or CO2 pistols , and this will not be affected by the ambient temperature in its use.

The electric pistols usually have a fairly wide autonomy, these usually have less power than other types of pistols, but this is better to avoid hurting nearby players, these also mostly have several firing modes (safe, semi and auto).

These pistols will give you a greater mobility as they are light weapons and are usually used with one hand, so they are recommended for closed spaces.
These pistols stand out for being silent , making them perfect for use without being detected
These pistols are usually cheaper than Gas or Co2 ones , but they are the most practical within airsoft.

Thanks to all these characteristics, the AEP are ideal for many players, even the electric replicas are highly recommended, so in our AirsoftEstartit store we give you to choose from our large catalog and we will be ready to help you with any questions.