Baterias NI-MH

NI-MH batteries

Nickel-metalhydride or Ni-MH batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that uses a nickel oxyhydroxide anode and a metal hydride alloy cathode.

They have some advantages over nickel-cadmium batteries, such as higher capacity, lower toxicity, and lower memory effect. However, they present some challenges such as higher self-discharge and lower energy density and an aging process that consumes the electrolyte than lithium batteries.

To charge Ni-MH batteries you need a specific charger that controls the voltage and current. Some chargers can detect the end of charging by increasing the temperature or decreasing the battery voltage. It is important not to overcharge Ni-MH batteries, as they may be damaged or lose capacity.
These batteries are used in a large number of electronic devices and also in many airsoft replicas, so in this category you will find the battery you are looking for and if not, call us and we will help you.