M4 Wolverine Airsoft MTW Magazine

Brand: MTW Magazines
REF: MTW-A-500-5-1
Price: 30,13

M4 Wolverine Airsoft MTW Magazine

Wolverine Airsoft, the leader in HPA innovation!


Length: 13 Inch - 33.02cm
Coating: Black anodized
M-Lok System
Wolverine Brand
Top Rail Read more
Made of polymer
Stops shooting when the magazine is empty
Main Color: Black
Mid-cap loader version Spring-loaded
Magazine capacity: 100
Model: M4
Type: Mid-cap
Capacity: 110 balls
Ammunition type: 6mm airsoft ball
Weight: 163 (1 magazine)

Despite everything you can read on the internet and in the manufacturer's manual, we recommend that you never put silicone or grease in airsoft magazines. Greasing has a devastating effect on a replica as it will directly grease the hop-up rubber and the inner barrel, causing a loss of precision and even more pronounced powder fixation. Never put chemicals such as grease, silicone spray or any other type into the magazine, hop-up unit, BBs, internal parts of AEGs. Silicone is only used in pneumatic parts such as the gearbox cylinder or a moving O-ring.

Special recommendation about the Mid-cap charger:

-Limit the number of BBs to 70-80% of the capacity of the mid-cap, never force the introduction of BBs with a BB magazine.
-Too many BBs can slow down the operation of the nozzle and this can affect the trajectory of the BBs and the feeding.
-If you want to keep your charger for many years, it is also essential not to make the spring work to its maximum capabilities.
-Never store your magazine full for a long period of use, the spring loaded for a long time can be irreparably damaged with a settling effect.
-Use BBs with impeccable sphericity

Wolverine Airsoft, the leader in HPA innovation! Wolverine Airsoft LLC exists to bring the highest level of airsoft performance technology to the airsoft market by taking complex ideas and turning them into smart, simple designs. Focusing on the growing field of high pressure air (HPA) technology.