Air guns & Air Rifles

Carbines and Air Pistols

Carbines and compressed air pistols are weapons that offer many advantages for fans of sports shooting or airsoft. Some of these advantages are:

-They do not need a license or permission for their use, as long as safety regulations are respected and they are used in authorized places.
-They are cheaper than firearms, both in their purchase and in their maintenance and ammunition.
-They are quieter and more ecological than firearms, since they do not produce smoke or chemical residues.
-They are more precise and powerful than traditional compressed air weapons, thanks to technological advances in propulsion systems and barrel and pellet designs.
-They are more versatile and adaptable to the preferences and needs of each shooter, since there are different types, models and calibers of air rifles and air pistols.

For these reasons, air rifles and compressed air pistols are an excellent option to buy and enjoy a good airsoft game and at Airsoftestartit we give you our wide range so that you can choose between all of them considering every detail.